Ganesh Mantra~Our Morning Medicine

For the last week, my Sun Cielo and I have been sitting with this Mantra before we start our day. Ganesha the Obstacle Breaker, Lord of the Root Chakra, Bringing about Change.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

“This mantra invokes the Lord Ganesha to remove every impediment in your life and in your works. By constant meditation on this mantra, all obstacles and blocked energy in your physical and astral bodies are released.”

Ganesh Mantra – Obstacle Breaker (STROBE) – YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Ganesh Mantra~Our Morning Medicine

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    • Mantras really are that powerful…. when you boil it down, everything is made of resonance(sound) and therefore language. When we use Mantra we are basically using our intention through sound to “dial” certain frequencies such as Ganesha, Love, Christ Consciousness, Personal Power… really anything…. same goes for affirmations: if you continue to speak life affirming words to yourself, your body will begin to re-program and tune these higher frequencies.
      ~ Azrael Rainbow Bridger
      Check out this video about how intention changes water (which we are largely made of!!)

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