We have a choice in every moment to bring beauty, harmony and love into our world, or drama, discord, stress and misery. It is a choice.

Even when we feel at our worst, we have the option to be genuine about what we are feeling and then can move through the discomfort with respect for self and others.

We are like free energy technologies. What we send out mixes with the external – – so that means nothing that gets thrown at us, needs to be perceived from the lower self. When it is, our free energy is used as a weapon against us, until we are sick of feeling like a victim and sick of feeling powerless and sick of feeling taken advantage of.

The lower self is the trap and the only way of experiencing a prison type planet or feeling of separation or negative relationships, is to exist in this part of ourselves, cut off from the awareness that we are so much more and can create better for ourselves.

We are dealing with powerful frequencies that want to keep us down, but nothing is a match for the human Spirit. It is greater than any chemtrail, radiation, smart meter, wound and trauma.

Make sure to adjust your internal settings every morning. Our greatest purpose is in our every moment, to rise to the challenge and to prove to life and the self, that nothing can defeat us and anything that hurts us, only generates more wisdom, boundaries and divine power – that is our empowered response.

Only we can validate this for ourselves, by simply becoming, devoting and being consistent. This is where purification, transformation and miracles come from.

Our work here is about getting the human vehicle out of lower density, and into where our higher Consciousness resides. We simply need to reprogram our perceptions, so that it serves our creative energy, lifts us into our brilliance and ignites the imagination which can dream anything into reality.

Then we become artists of life, knowing reality is fluid and we create change and influence the World, rather than being at the mercy of whatever gets thrown at us — the things that can bring us down and turn awareness into fear or a doom and gloom outlook.

All they are seeking to do, is take our creative energy, don’t ever give it up for anyone.


Artist – Willow Arlenea

from Facebook. Via:

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