Progress Doesn’t Speak Mountain: Rosemont Arizona

This story brings me to tears…. Whenever I utter the words “moving mountains” the connotation is productive…. but I am suddenly incapable of thinking in this way…. It is not our job… it is not our right… to move or remove mountains. I am ashamed of humankind and the irresponsible hunger for “treasure” in the guise of necessary resources… Thank you Brenna, for sharing your words, experiences and intentions for the land.


Last year when I was 3 months pregnant, My partner Russ and I went on an adventure to the proposed site of the Rosemont Mine not far from Tucson. We were able to take a free tour hosted by none other than the Augusta Resource Corporation, the folks who have vested interest in harvesting the mountains resources. They bought an old ranch house in the Rosemont area and turned it into a roadside attraction of sorts, a center for education on what exactly they plan to do. So we got our free coffee, water bottles and crunchy nuts and sat down for an extended lecture on the plans and proposed procedures in the eminent future for the Santa Ritas.

The man speaking to us was a friendly cowboy in a large hat who told it strait with graphs and fact charts. We sat for a hour while words were spun…

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