The Birth Project

‘The Birth Project’ is Amanda Greavette’s current series. The paintings are life-size and include images of women in pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum. These images are an astounding tribute to the potent grace that comes through the act of birth. I am completely blown away by Amanda’s uncanny ability to capture the raw power, ecstasy and spirit of new mothers.


From her website : Amanda believes strongly in the power of the image to shape our perceptions and beliefs. Painting is the last great traditional medium, and she feels that little compares to the impact a large oil painting. Amanda cares deeply about women’s issues, particularly birth and motherhood, and paints from that passion. The Birth Project is because of and for women; it seeks to tell their stories while providing an image of birth that is both symbolic and real; depicting the raw power of the birth process and the unfolding potential of a woman. Amanda feels these paintings have a place in the public sphere where they can provoke conversations about birth and choices, conjuring emotional responses and encouraging storytelling. Amanda loves to hear about how the paintings affect the viewer- whether it be waterbirth conversation in a midwife’s office, or the recognition of capability when a mother finds herself birthing in the same position as the ‘woman in the painting’, or the healing someone finds when seeing her experience reflected.The Birth Project.”

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Prayer on the Blood Moon

Watercolor By Azrael

Watercolor By Azrael

What an incredibly blessed time this is. I find my self, again, in perfect alignment with La Luna… our Great Moon… and Her cycles… Today I bleed. I honor the Darkness inside mySelf… the Darkness inside my womb; Sacred void; Cave of Creation… Within this vast stillness, I give mySelf permission to rest, relax, release ALL there is… ALL forms which did not take to sprout… I ALLOW their return to Mother Earth… I ALLOW my blood, my Sacred DNA… to enrich the fertile soil of Her land… I Give-Away this Blood… my Body… so that All My Relations may continue to enjoy the Abundance of Her vast Gardens… I Give-Away my Blood in order to remember, as each cycle passes, that I will some day Give-Away my whole body… my final Blood… my final Gift.. just as All Who Have Come Before Me… and humbly offer mySelf  to All Who Come Beyond Me…


I have had a super charged journey back into the Moon Rhythms since I weaned my Sun. My blood did not return until he was 17 months old (which was two months after we weaned from the breast) This means that I did not bleed (aside of course after giving Birth) for Three Years! An astounding length of time considering how deeply I had come to be involved in Blood Mysteries for years leading up to conception. For three months after it’s return, I actively brought my Blood to a Power spot, a Huge Ancient Saguaro whom had been receiving my Maidens Blood for years before I became pregnant. After the third Moon, I began to ignore my cycle, forgetting my bond… my cycle quickly spun out, hormones scattered and for the first time in my life (I began bleeding at 11 years old) I was experiencing all of the tremendous pain, exhaustion, fear, anger and blockage that comes with the Stagnant Blood. The suffering of so many of my Sistars, who are denied the rest and release which is our Birthright.  My eggs became cysts and secreted enormous amounts of estrogen… I was ovulating every 3 weeks for many months, bleeding every 3 weeks for many months… scant, thick, old blood. I was experiencing excruciating pain during ovulation, bed ridden for days…depleted, repressed, withholding… I was dead inside. I was fortunate to be living in a house with my dearest Herb Witch, whom I have bled with for years before all of this began, and who was able to provide me with support and full awareness while I was in the transition. Blue Vervain became my Ally… Ginger compresses became my teddy bear… and Rest became my mission…. After only a few cycles we were able to stop the pain, but my cycle never synched with the Moon… it stayed elliptical all these months as I continued to strive for the Ultimate Freedom: to Bleed in silent, restful BLISS!

The New Moon TODAY, this month, this New Year, after much hard work and prayer, I was able to keep my Blood inside for a full cycle (a miracle!) and return to my Healthiest Wealthiest cycle, which begins with Blood at the Dark Moon each month. I am honored and overwhelmed… like a hopeful new mother I have been repeating over and over in my head “Please come at the New Moon… Please com at the New Moon.. just a few more days! Please!”

My pledge, to you dear Flow-ers, Sistars, Bleeders, Breeders, Feeders and Crones… To the Moon Herself… is to bring my awareness back to this cycle… to grow and shed this mysterious knowledge… and share all I have learned with my Sistars… May your Blood flow gently. May your Blood be Ruby colored and full of activated oxygen. May your Womb be fully nourished: warm, rich and fertile as the Earth.