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Progress Doesn’t Speak Mountain: Rosemont Arizona

This story brings me to tears…. Whenever I utter the words “moving mountains” the connotation is productive…. but I am suddenly incapable of thinking in this way…. It is not our job… it is not our right… to move or remove mountains. I am ashamed of humankind and the irresponsible hunger for “treasure” in the guise of necessary resources… Thank you Brenna, for sharing your words, experiences and intentions for the land.


Last year when I was 3 months pregnant, My partner Russ and I went on an adventure to the proposed site of the Rosemont Mine not far from Tucson. We were able to take a free tour hosted by none other than the Augusta Resource Corporation, the folks who have vested interest in harvesting the mountains resources. They bought an old ranch house in the Rosemont area and turned it into a roadside attraction of sorts, a center for education on what exactly they plan to do. So we got our free coffee, water bottles and crunchy nuts and sat down for an extended lecture on the plans and proposed procedures in the eminent future for the Santa Ritas.

The man speaking to us was a friendly cowboy in a large hat who told it strait with graphs and fact charts. We sat for a hour while words were spun…

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They’re here–they’re ready! Cholla buds’ grand opening!

Cholla are already blooming! I was so fortunate to have learned to harvest and prepare this amazing Desert abundance last year… The buds are delicious.. (after cooking) are similar in taste and texture to Okra… with a delicate lemony flavor! After being steamed, they can be dehydrated and stored for future use… I am excited to do a small harvest this year, as we have had so little rain/snow/frost this winter, I do not want to over-harvest or deprive any other animals of food:)
I just love spring time!

Savor the Southwest:

staghorn cholla flower just opening (N.Stahler photo) staghorn cholla flower just opening (N.Stahler photo)

Tia Marta here with important news—something I was planning to share with you next month but wow here it is—our staghorn cholla cacti flowered yesterday.  That is a herald-horn in the desert for sure—it is cholla bud harvesting time again!

Ever since I was first led into the desert to learn cholla harvesting decades ago now by my Tohono O’odham mentor and teacher, Juanita, I’ve looked forward to this signal and to our ritual, with hope for the return of desert-food-season, and with gladness —not to mention with a little trepidation for the hazards of the business.  But in all the years of practicing our ritual harvest I’ve never seen the buds come on so early.   This is fully a month sooner than the “old normal.”  All through the 1970s,’80s, into the ‘90s, we could predict the cholla harvest to be cranking up…

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Realigning with the Truth of Your Heart – Welcoming the Spring Equinox

virgo magic

spring equinox Today the Sun enters Aries (9:57 am Pacific), marking Spring Equinox, when the day and night are equal and the light starts to take ascendance (or, in the Southern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox, when the darkness starts to prevail). The start of a new astrological cycle, Spring Equinox is a time for renewing your passion and vitality, clarifying your desires, and initiating a brave new direction.

Not feeling so fired-up, not so clear about what you want? Thinking you may have lost your mojo? The characteristic feistiness of the Sun in Aries is tempered by the placement of Mars – the ruler of Aries and presiding deity of the Spring season. Mars is in Libra, traditionally the sign of his “detriment,” and Retrograde, appearing to travel backwards in the sky. Mars Retro in Libra (March 1 to May 20) suggests that the way forward is not direct and linear, and that…

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Warrior | By Anilah

“When I am walking through the forest and allow myself to open to the larger conversation that is happening, I feel myself filling up with the sheer grace of being, and literally have no other option but to express my gratitude – and this happens in the form of a song or melody. So to rephrase: I breathe nature in, I breathe melody out. My creativity takes this form.”

via Warrior | New Album By Anilah | SolPurpose.

Divine Nature

Prepare to be inspired! This photo set holds the attention like an ancient monument… too big to grasp with the eyes… yet understood immediately by some deeper consciousness… primordial form… Goddess Incarnate. LOVE!


“Albino Boa Constrictor” Portland, Oregon. June 2013 “Snakes symbolizes transformation; shedding of the old and embracing of the new.”

“Albino Boa Constrictor”
Portland, Oregon. June 2013
“Snakes symbolizes transformation; shedding of the old and embracing of the new.”

“This project is a series of images that represents the crossroad where woman meets the divine spirit of nature in the form of animals, and where she embraces it. There’s a long history in shamanic traditions and ancient cultures where humans have imbued themselves with the special qualities that animals have and their relationship to the world. Eating a part of the animal, or wearing a part of the animal, or using the animal as a totem deeply permeates us with their special powers. We want to come back to that state of grace where we are aligned with nature as animals are in the right relationship with their environment.”—Holly Wilmeth

“Olive Ridley Turtle Shell”  Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. February 2013 “The turtle symbolizes Mother Earth as well as being well-centered and well-grounded in life.”

“Olive Ridley Turtle Shell”
Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. February 2013
“The turtle symbolizes Mother Earth as well as being well-centered and well-grounded in life.”

Learn more about the artist at her website: http://www.hollywilmeth.com

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