Burden Basket Sacred Exchange

Burden Basket is about: Weaving with the Sacred Threads… Scavenged, Gifted, Rescued, Bought, Borrowed, Found Materials… Mended, Sewn, Serged, Fitted, Spun, Torn, Threaded, Braided, Plaited, Wrapped, Tied, and Fastened into Medicine.

No tatter left unturned… no scrap left untended… All is given life, purpose, integration.

The Burden Basket is a living story….

Woven out of the magical boughs of give-away, play, and imagination, the intention is to return waste into want, burden into treasure, lost into found. This practice of Alchemy is ancient, but rooted in the simple act of exploration! Each work is a piece of Transformational Art…These items are Medicine, crafted with Intention through Dreaming, they call in the Ancient Awareness of Color, Sound and Texture and restore Power to the Wearer. This is an experimental Journey of Self, in which I am reaching deep inside to find and re-member Treasures left behind…gifts from the Dreamtime for those who are Awakening. You are invited to embrace the Freedom of Dreaming by re-turning old to new! Find custom, one of a kind Medicinal Creations on Etsy:

Burden Basket Sacred Exchange

Learn more about Azrael here:

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