Department of Sunshine and Rainbows

~Hopes Restored, Spirits Lifted, Enthusiasm Renewed!~

The Department’s main objective is to spread *Cosmic~Glitter~Loaded~Giggles* throughout the known Multiverse and beyond. We exist simply to up-lift our surroundings by pouring Love, Color, Sound and Smiles into All-There-Is. By walking in right relation to the Divine HOO-HA, we create balanced, brilliant, and bubbly vibes.

De-funk, Re-Invigorate, Up-Lift, InSPIRE!
In other words: we are here to play with YOU!

Department of Sunshine and Rainbows is a platform for spreading love, joy, beauty, magic, and happiness through human connection, nurturing care, healing tools, loving kindness, and playful silliness!
The Department are the first Vibe-Masters of their kind; offering an abundance of Hospitality Services these Ladies are truly a treat for eyes, ears and heart!
Services Include:
Mobile Healing Therapies and Lounge
Hostessing/Event Planning
Party Decoration Services
Theme Parties
Intuitive Face Painting
Wardrobe Consultation/Styling
Sound Healing
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Bowl Activations
Auric Cleansing
High Vibe Treats and Cordials
Group Energetics and Clearing Rituals
Massage Therapies
****Available for private parties, public events, and personal consultations!
Contact us:

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