The Birth Project

‘The Birth Project’ is Amanda Greavette’s current series. The paintings are life-size and include images of women in pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum. These images are an astounding tribute to the potent grace that comes through the act of birth. I am completely blown away by Amanda’s uncanny ability to capture the raw power, ecstasy and spirit of new mothers.


From her website : Amanda believes strongly in the power of the image to shape our perceptions and beliefs. Painting is the last great traditional medium, and she feels that little compares to the impact a large oil painting. Amanda cares deeply about women’s issues, particularly birth and motherhood, and paints from that passion. The Birth Project is because of and for women; it seeks to tell their stories while providing an image of birth that is both symbolic and real; depicting the raw power of the birth process and the unfolding potential of a woman. Amanda feels these paintings have a place in the public sphere where they can provoke conversations about birth and choices, conjuring emotional responses and encouraging storytelling. Amanda loves to hear about how the paintings affect the viewer- whether it be waterbirth conversation in a midwife’s office, or the recognition of capability when a mother finds herself birthing in the same position as the ‘woman in the painting’, or the healing someone finds when seeing her experience reflected.The Birth Project.”

To see more of Amanda’s work, please visit her website at


Dolphin Healing Work

Here is my first writing assigment:

After I received my coursework, I immediately cracked open the reading.
I was touched deeply by Violet colored light and vibration while reading about the Dolphins and the different techniques for working with them. When ever I was reading one of the techniques, I could feel, deeply and spontaneously, the opening of Third Eye Vision, and playful vibrations coming from the Dolphins.
However, I have had some trouble opening to this space through the Rituals themselves.
I have taken 3 baths: carefully setting the space each time, drawing the Etheric Larimar symbol as I add sea salt to to the water, and later placing the stone I received in the water to further charge it.
Each time, I would at first feel a very strong pulse, and relaxation..and then resistance. I have found myself flooded with my own worries, drama, sorrows. My reaction was to feel very impatient with all that was coming up…  telling myself “This is not the time or place for this stuff!!!” And I would after a time, finish my bath, send gratitude to the dolphins and move along with my day.
However, today I have a new perspective and deep gratitude for the “stealth” or “subtle” assistance that these Great Teachers have given me. What I had not yet connected was that, since I called in the Dolphin Healing, I have been feeling incredible waves of emotion/ways of being: grief, frustration, joy, renewed stamina, sluggishness, anger, accomplishment, compassion…. i have felt EVERY which way, the tides of my being as all the settled and unsettled parts have been swept up by the Dolphin’s powerful movement. This morning I made a huge breakthrough in self-aweareness as I realized that my own mental attitude, or otherwise just being too Mental in general, has kept me trapped and unable to fully recognize that Healing, on every level, was actually and already taking place…whether I was conscious of it or not, these lovely Creatures honor the agreement I made with them, answered my call for assistance, and have been here guiding me since the beginning.
I type this, while tears of Joy stream down my cheeks, my body’s way of offering Sacred Waters back to the Great Ocean, the Tidal Sea of Emotion in which I am constantly swimming.
With Love and Gratitude I accept Assistance from the Dolphins of Atlantis, and Honor also my own Watery Ally, the Great Blue Heron who has made two consecutive appearances for two consecutive days, heralding this loftier Perspective, and calling me back to balance Water and Spirit.