The Birth Project

‘The Birth Project’ is Amanda Greavette’s current series. The paintings are life-size and include images of women in pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum. These images are an astounding tribute to the potent grace that comes through the act of birth. I am completely blown away by Amanda’s uncanny ability to capture the raw power, ecstasy and spirit of new mothers.


From her website : Amanda believes strongly in the power of the image to shape our perceptions and beliefs. Painting is the last great traditional medium, and she feels that little compares to the impact a large oil painting. Amanda cares deeply about women’s issues, particularly birth and motherhood, and paints from that passion. The Birth Project is because of and for women; it seeks to tell their stories while providing an image of birth that is both symbolic and real; depicting the raw power of the birth process and the unfolding potential of a woman. Amanda feels these paintings have a place in the public sphere where they can provoke conversations about birth and choices, conjuring emotional responses and encouraging storytelling. Amanda loves to hear about how the paintings affect the viewer- whether it be waterbirth conversation in a midwife’s office, or the recognition of capability when a mother finds herself birthing in the same position as the ‘woman in the painting’, or the healing someone finds when seeing her experience reflected.The Birth Project.”

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Hey it’s JUST the Sun

“Yes, my wife is JUST a mother. JUST. She JUST brings forth life into the universe, and she JUST shapes and molds and raises those lives. She JUST manages, directs and maintains the workings of the household, while caring for children who JUST rely on her for everything.”

A Husband’s Amazing Response To ‘She’s A Stay-At-Home Mom? What Does She DO All Day?’.


Star Woman II- Francene Hart

“Pause, breathe and digest what is happening with you. “

Funny, Venus Retrograde and I have been sooooo nostalgic! As the moon grows dark and enters Aquarius, I have been guided to seek out a ton of ancient correspondences between myself and my sisters… love letters sent and received before I conceived Cielo… although my being has been blown open by the miracle of birthing this tremendous Sun, I have also been battling with my perceived loss of creative juice… all being channeled and directed into the cosmic cradleboard in which I carry him… These letters are incredible… remarkable… full of lucid dreams and direct messages from spirit… I have not dreamt lucidly since Cielo was born and it’s as if the dreamtime.. the place of unlimited potential.. spontaneous wisdom and creation has been born into flesh in this little creature I popped out… that He now carries my dreaming body inside of his heart… beaming the beauty of spirit.. making manifest that which is sleeping…. I have held, tightly and rigorously, my perceived pain.. perceived loss of this part of my self and realize, today, in this moment that my holding will forever keep my in bondage… forever create resistance to my own unlimited potential and power… forever create distance between my heart and yours.. my guides, allies, muses, family…. I proclaim that this New Year that the Winged Horse, bridled and tethered, be released from her bondage, be made free and strong… that she may spread the full breadth of her Wings and in the twilight return to her herd… star sisters and brothers… galloping and flying with fierce radiance… returning cosmic awareness to the Earth Mother… It is time to melt this prickly frozen heart…

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