April Full Blood Moon Invocation



Kukulkan by Azrael Oxumare 2007

It is my intention at this time to heal the limiting patriarchal distortions of Christ Consciousness which are being passed down to me by my Ancestral Line … as Time moves ever forward and back my pure intentions Heal the memories of collective suffering, hypocrisy and martyrdom in the name of the false Christ… Transmuting the distorted code and activating Ascension, which is the purpose and birthright of All who Possess DNA.

This is both our task and gift as Light Workers/Beings of Light; that we are capable of receiving, integrating and understanding code, instantaneously and without need or interference from the mind.

The following material is dense, but speaks directly to the DNA/Higher Vibratory Selves when read or spoken aloud. You will receive this knowledge and understanding within subtle awareness, though it may seem strange or foreign to the conscious mind.interference from the Mind.


Invokation originally found here: 33 Stargate Portals of Light

The April Full Blood Moon and Arc of the Covenant Activation Invocation:

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,
the Highest Light that I Am,
within the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.
Through the Overlighting of the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ,
the Order of Melchizedek, the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light,
I am now wrapped in the diamond, golden and white flames of Divine Love,
the golden flame of Christ Consciousness, and now the silver flame of Illumination.
I now anchor and activate these sacred flames of Light within each sub-atomic particle within my Beingness,
and now, within my heart chakra.
I am now lifted in Soul Consciousness into the Ashram of the Cosmic Christ within Shamballa,
traveling through the second ray Ashram of Love and Wisdom,
and into this sacred Golden Temple of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.
Welcomed and greeted as an Initiate of Light,
and surrounded by a Council of Twelve,
I am taken into a central pyramidal shaped Temple of Light.
King Solomon appears before me now,
offering me this Signet Ring,
the remembrance of my promise of Service in Love to Mother Earth and all her Life,
and the knowing of my Self as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light.
As this ring is placed on the fourth finger on my right hand,
King Solomon now says:
This Signet Ring of Power protects you from the lower astral realms and entities upon this realm,
it brings power, and strength and protection,
connecting you to both Nature Intelligence and the Angelic realms.
As you receive this Signet Ring of Power,
you come into a deeper remembrance of the power you have,
to create and affect change on the lower worlds and on this earth plane.
Surrounded in this beautiful golden flames of Christ Consciousness,
my Golden Heart expands through the Soul matrix and heart chakra so I may truly know my Self as Divine Love.
I now clear my cells as a cellular level,
releasing old patterns, false beliefs and judgments I no longer need to experience in this Golden Age of Light.
And now, I find myself traveling the Christed Timelines,
experiencing my Highest Potential in all Golden Ages of Light,
and bringing into this Now a greater sense of my Self in self-mastery,
as a Melchizedek Initiate of Light,
as a sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love.
And now, as the Flame of Resurrection activates over the Easter weekend,
I find my Self traveling in Soul Consciousness into the Stargate of Temple Mount,
and into the sacred Arc of the Covenant.
Surrounded in the beautiful diamond, golden and white flame of Divine Love,
the Overlighting of the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High,
and connected to the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light,
I bring my focus to Rome,
and to the Roman Catholic Church.
As the Arc of the Covenant re-activates,
bringing in the higher dimensional frequencies,
I now chant the 72 sacred names of God,
knowing that in this Now moment,
all distorted religious beliefs transcend into the Flame of Divine Love.
And now, as the Cardinal Grand Cross alignment occurs on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th,
I find myself traveling in Soul Consciousness, into the Ashram of the Order of Melchizedek.
Taken into a three dimensional Flower of Life Temple of Light,
and experiencing the many higher dimensional frequencies of Light,
I am now given the opportunity to activate the seven pentacles of Jupiter,
and the seven pentacles of Mars.
Overlighted by my Beloved I Am Presence,
Lord Melchizedek,
and the Order of Melchizedek,
I now call forth the Angels of Light governing the seven Pentacles of Jupiter.
As these blue seals of Light activate through and within my seven chakras,
I request that these Seals of Solomon recalibrate through all dimensions of Light,
bringing with it joy and abundance,
and the knowing that I Am truly a manifesting Master Being of Light.
And now, I call forth the Angels of Light governing the seven Pentacles of Mars.
As these red seals of Light activate through and within my seven chakras,
I request that these Seals of Solomon recalibrate through all dimensions of Light,
bringing with it empowerment and protection as I serve the Legions of Light from On High,
as a Spiritual warrior of Light.
The Pathway of Divine Love through the Christed Timelines now illuminates,
showing me my heart’s dreaming through the embrace of Christ Consciousness,
and the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.
And now, as I experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse,
I find my Self traveling into and along the Unity Grid of Divine Love
and into the fifth dimensional Portals of Light.
Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light,
and the beautiful silver flame of Illumination,
as all 33 fifth dimensional Portals of Light now activate,
amplifying into the highest Light frequency
that all Life is able to sustain from On High at this time,
I find my Self in the Spiritual Portal of Light connected to the Law of Ascension.
As this Spiritual Portal of Light amplifies,
I experience the Law of Ascension in its full magnificence,
knowing this the ascension process is being experienced by all awakened Souls on this planet.
I now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this Spiritual Portal of Light,
through the related vertebrae within my spinal column,
recalibrating my lower bodies, chakras and nadis,
and activating the pituitary gland.
As I now experience the Spiritual Portal of Light related to the Law of Cohesion,
I merge and blend my consciousness with my Beloved I Am Presence,
as I connect to my Soul and Star Family and friends of the Light,
and all the Light workers and awakened Souls assisting in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
I bring in the support that I may need at this time,
knowing that I walk the Pathway of Divine Love with all awakened Souls,
affecting and creating change on the lower worlds and on this earth plane.
I now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this Spiritual Portal of Light,
through the related vertebrae within my spinal column,
recalibrating my lower bodies, chakras and nadis,
and activating the pineal gland.
I now experience the Spiritual Portal of Light related to the Law of Compensation,
understanding that my gifts are rewarded tenfold,
when I give freely from my own heart,
knowing that I am an open heart in this Golden Age of Light.
I now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this Spiritual Portal of Light,
through the related vertebrae within my spinal column,
recalibrating my lower bodies, chakras and nadis,
and activating the hypothalamus gland.

Originally found here: The 33 Stargate Portals of Light April 2014 Full Blood Moon and Arc of the Covenant Activation

Special Thank you to Kati Astraeir for her continued expansion, bridging the Known and Unknown, and for always sharing this deeper wisdom.

Black Madonna:::She who Accompanies the White and the Red

The Black Madonna. You know her, we all know her in memory, – she is hidden behind a sacred black veil, and when we call to her that veil is immediately parted and she sits in silent acknowledgement of our (male or female) deepest being. She is the dark aspect of the goddess, the one that accompanies the white and the red. Wise, benevolent, and unthinkably strong and wise, she is also known as “Sophia”, the one who sees all, is shocked by nothing, and knows all. She is our Great Mother, the one who embraces us in silence when our concerns are too difficult for common understanding. Never judging, never questioning, she is the one who hears, then knows, and unflinchingly provides answers though her vast reserves of wisdom. She is the one who pushes us forward and provides strength, lending hers to ours, and being part of our body so we can do what we must.

…There is a fascination around her that defies description. Nothing is ever lost, only waiting to be rediscovered. She is our connection to the earth.

The “black” in question is hardy yet soft, earthy rich, absolutely protective, enveloping like a mothering cloak, wise, forgiving and nurturing.

There are connections to her with the original earth goddesses, so there is sustenance in going to her, sitting in front of her in a shrouded grotto, wooded hill slope, or her shape carved out tree. Or she can appear to us out of a void, just when we need her most. She knows all and understands all, when we don’t.

Imogen Crest

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The more we deeply Love the self, the less we will feel hurt by the lack of Love from others. Deeply loving the self, is not about love of the Ego, its about allowing the Ego to open the door to the Soul, where we explore our depths, our darkness and our light, our wisdom, our truth and our inner beauty…

When we understand true darkness, there is no fear. It is the fertile soil that receives the light of our higher consciousness, birthing and creating new realities and experiences that are free of intrusion, infiltration and invasion.

It is the deep Mystery that we can embrace with Trust of the power of our Spirit, the 5th element that continually transmutes the assaults from techno controls, toxins and the wounds we carry from being up against the distortions of Consciousness and the M/F, that cause us to measure our worth against things that have no real meaning or value – just a superficial obsession that this World has glorified into something we feel we must live up to, because of the pressure to be accepted or wanted.

We must accept and want ourselves as we truly are. When we focus on this, the outside noise starts to dissolve and the inner God/ess begins to emerge and manifest itself, inspiring those who are lost and engaging others and their deepest soul longing to be Free and seen for who they really are. When we see ourselves, we see the Truth of each other. We have to first take that initiative by stripping away all that is false from our Ego, so the Temple can be unveiled.

The Ego/identity is the outside, the first aspect that is greeted, the part of us that must reflect the beautiful Spirit that dwells within… When we do this there are no false illusions, masks or facades that we wear and we invite in no vandals or destroyers who prey upon our amnesia and programmed disconnect, even if they surround us ~ We are embodied and aware of our Divinity, with no shame and no need to hide…

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Our Morning Medicine: Day 11

Following up on last week’s post:Ganesh Mantra~Our Morning Medicine.

My 2 year old sun Cielo and I have been meeting each morning to sit with this Mantra. It has been a powerful way for us to bond and re-connect with ourselves after sleeptime. (I recently took private quarters in our home, so we are no longer co-sleeping! A huge step in our personal worlds.) I am finding, with deep gratitude, that co-creating ritual is a most stabilizing force with which we can gently guide ourselves through this transition.

I gravitated spontaneously to Ganesha after having many long conversations with Cielo about Elephants: “BIG” “STOMP” “TRUNK” “ELPHAN”… and after a pretty dramatic play session in which we “Elephant Danced” I felt prompted to look up a Mantra we might incorporate into our time together.

So far it has been very powerful… I had no idea that Ganesh is known as the Obstacle Breaker, or that this Diety is associated with the Root Chakra, which related to survival, physicality, and personal identity.  I have personally experienced deep moments of release as blockages are spontaneously liberated.

Yesterday morning was the first that we skipped our practice, and I ended up having some MAJOR insecurities/nervous energy/distorted self-talk while I was pushing through the finishing touches on my most recent Costume Commission:


I was creating a very powerful little hell for myself… my vibration was so chaotic that I even created a seemingly “unfixable” glitch in my sewing machine. Suddenly, and with no reason, the tension went bananas and I was forced to completely slow down and finish several details by hand! This was excruciating (I had a deadline to meet) but perfect Medicine as I slowly started to connect with my breath and let go of all the nervous mental chatter.

Today, as we met in practice again, I shared my gratitude with this Great Ally Ganesha… for I was able to transform deep shadow yesterday and re-connect with a more embodied sense of being.


Ganesh Mantra~Our Morning Medicine

For the last week, my Sun Cielo and I have been sitting with this Mantra before we start our day. Ganesha the Obstacle Breaker, Lord of the Root Chakra, Bringing about Change.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

“This mantra invokes the Lord Ganesha to remove every impediment in your life and in your works. By constant meditation on this mantra, all obstacles and blocked energy in your physical and astral bodies are released.”

Ganesh Mantra – Obstacle Breaker (STROBE) – YouTube.


“Although shedding is difficult for all of us, for a woman to shed what has falsely hidden her more authentic experience is a great liberation. The freedom felt after the loss of persona is spiritually nourishing, and the creativity released from within can be enormous, allowing her to create herself in a more ‘true’ form. This is the process I am calling female shamanism—an ongoing shedding of false selves in favor of the active development of more authentic forms of expression.”
“The snake is the ancient totem of women all over the world and speaks to the lunar nature of feminine biological evolution. A woman’s natural timing is cyclical, circular, spiral, nonlinear, and nonrational. Women need to replace their crystllized identities, as these shatter or dissolve through the shamanic process, with a deliberately fluid ego-identity. If a woman can begin to appreciate and cultivate the value of an identity that is always changing, continually in flux, never completely solid, she begins to align with what shamans and Buddhists describe as ‘reality.’ Those with the sight to see into the world of energy, see that everythong is made of energy, and energy is always in motion. The rest of the world is practicing to become able to accept and tolerate this vision of reality, which is in conflict with the one we were originally taught to believe.”
~ Vicki Noble from Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World – The New Female Shamanism

Shed skins in favor of more authentic forms~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, wisdom, inspiration.

Vows of the Priestess

I choose to walk my path fearlessly

To live with my Heart wide open

To be Grateful for my experiences

Which led me straight into the arms of the Goddess

And taught me compassion for all things

To forgive and forgive and forgive again

While maintaining the boundaries of my own Sacredness

Not resisting life, but allowing it to be

To accept and embrace it

And transmute my fear and suffering into Joy

And just by Being,

give others permission to do the same.

To know that everyone is a mirror

Reflecting the light of the Goddess

All with Truth at the core of their being

All unique, all beautiful, all different aspects of Her.

Source: Ariadnes Temple

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